Data-Intensive Supercomputing Laboratory


HPCjudge is an HPC contest conduct system developed by DISLab.

Currently the system offers the following features:

  • Participants registration, e-mail verification.
  • Gaining ssh-access to the computing systems provided by the organizers.
  • Command-line client for submitting solutions for testing.
  • Submitting solutions via the web interface.
  • Asynchronous testing of solutions for correctness and performance.
  • For the leaderboard (final standings) only submissions not rejected by the jury are considered.
  • User interface: display of the solutions submitted, display of the judging results, submissions cancellation.
  • Judges interface: granting ssh-access, ability to monitor emerging submissions, to post comments, to mark submission that require re-judging (in case of mistakes in testing), to reject submissions (in case of noncompliance with rules).
  • Russian and English interface.
  • Functions of setting the contest launch, intermediate locking of the results table and contest closing.

HPCjudge was used for conducting GraphHPC contests 2015 (Minimum Spanning Tree), 2016 (Community Detection), 2017 (Betweenness Centrality, ru) и 2018 (Blackhole patterns, ru).


  • Anatoly Mukosey, mukosey nicevt ru
  • Alexander Semenov, alxdr.semenov gmail com
  • Ilya Pozhilov, ilyapoz gmail com